Ingrid Capacity and BatteryLoop in new collaboration on energy storage.

On 1 July 2022, Ingrid Capacity announced that the company had signed an agreement with Karlshamn Energi and Karlshamn municipality to enable the construction of a battery storage site of about three megawatts in Karlshamn. We can now announce that together with the company BatteryLoop we have signed an agreement to use their circular energy storage system (BLESS™) in the battery storage site. A system consisting of battery storage made from recycled vehicle batteries, as well as a service platform that offers the possibility of frequency trading.

“The collaboration with BatteryLoop and with their BLESS™ product designed with reused batteries from Mercedes-Benz Energy means that we can establish a battery storage site that will have an output comparable to what about 300 villas consume at their peak power demand. This way, we contribute to the support of Karlshamn’s local power grid during peak loads, increase the predictability of the power system and thus contribute to the stability of the grid,” says Nicklas Bäcker, Chief Strategy Officer at Ingrid Capacity.

The transition to renewable energy sources gives the world the opportunity to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and their enormous climate impact. But the production capacity of renewable energy sources varies over time, depending on weather and wind. One effective way to deal with this is energy storage with batteries. This can smooth out peaks in production, while battery storage also contributes to the stability of the grid.

“To succeed in the electrification of society and achieve the ambitious climate targets, both reuse and innovative solutions are crucial. Our BLESS product family and digital service platform is an enabler of this. Our collaboration with Ingrid Capacity in Karlshamn creates both local and regional sustainable solutions,” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO at BatteryLoop.

Erik Zsiga
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