Ingrid Capacity establishes Sweden’s largest battery storage facility in Karlshamn with 70 megawatts connected to E.ON’s regional grid. A power that can be compared to what a medium-sized city with 100,000 inhabitants consumes when it has its greatest power needs. The battery storage site will be the largest in Sweden.

Battery energy storage is crucial to meet the needs of an electrified society, where fossil-free energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, will form a larger part of the energy mix. A battery storage facility of this size will also facilitate Svenska Kraftnät’s need to balance the national grid. Electricity grids are stabilized by storing energy in batteries during low power demand and then adding energy during power peaks, locally, regionally and nationally.

“Energy storage at this scale enables the transition to more fossil-free energy. Power needs are here and now but building nuclear and wind power takes time. Battery storage works with much shorter lead times. The green transition must not come at the expense of Swedish industry having to scale down production or move operations abroad because of lack of power. This is a big issue for Sweden’s competitiveness and attractiveness as an industrial nation,” says Nicklas Bäcker, Chief Strategy Officer at Ingrid Capacity.

“There is a positive business climate in Karlshamn, which makes it attractive for businesses to establish here. Duveryd also offers the best communication location and a high electricity capacity, which is attractive for many companies. With the investment together with Ingrid Capacity, we are taking the next step in the development of Duveryd”, says Johan Tegner, Project Manager at Destination Duveryd.

Erik Zsiga
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