Facilitating the transition to renewable energy

As our societies become more electrified and switch to climate-smart and renewable energy, both great opportunities and challenges arise. Large-scale battery energy storage will be a key part of the energy infrastructure of the future.

Energy storage evens out peaks and provides stability

The transition to renewable energy gives the world the opportunity to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and their enormous climate impact. Production capacity of renewable energy sources varies over time, depending on weather and wind. An effective way to handle this is battery energy storage. This way, the peaks in energy production can be balanced, while at the same time the battery storage contributes to the critical stability in the electricity grid. Ingrid Capacity builds the necessary infrastructure for large-scale energy storage.


About the company that helps the green transition

Ingrid Capacity will facilitate the electrification of society and the transition to renewable energy. The idea was born in 2021 and the company was formed in early 2022. The initiators behind the company have a broad background in real estate, finance and energy infrastructure. Ingrid Capacity is owned by, among others, Engelbrekt Utveckling, Springbacka and Neptunia. The company also has an advisory board to further strengthen its expertise.

Work with us and contribute to the energy system of the future

Do you want to join our exciting journey and contribute to the transformation of society? Electrification and the transition to renewable energy create fantastic opportunities – for us as a company and for our employees. To be able to work with us, you need to be structured, thorough, driven, relationship-building and solution-oriented. Does this description sound like you? If so, get in touch with us at https://careers.ingridcapacity.com/